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* option to open new archive pages in background when manually archivingRahiel Kasim2019-03-24-0/+6
* new storage format for bookmark archives, archive bookmarks at archive.orgRahiel Kasim2018-05-15-0/+6
* put "Archive Now" on the archive keyboard shortcutRahiel Kasim2018-04-17-1/+4
* "Archive Now" button to make preferred archives with one clickRahiel Kasim2018-04-17-2/+2
* properly indent options.htmlRahiel Kasim2018-04-16-75/+74
* popup for browser action, multiple bookmark archive services, refactoringRahiel Kasim2018-04-16-26/+36
* add support for the perma.cc archive serviceRahiel Kasim2017-11-03-0/+5
* append the date and time to MHTML filenamesRahiel Kasim2017-10-21-1/+1
* automatically save options after every changeRahiel Kasim2017-06-11-12/+1
* port Firefox version to WebExtensions, drop old Add-on SDK codeRahiel Kasim2017-05-07-0/+83