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README: mention adding user to docker group
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@@ -4,13 +4,21 @@ This is a fork of Yahoo's [open_nsfw][]. The goal is to make the *Not Suitable
for Work* (NSFW) classification model easily accessible through an HTTP API
deployable with Docker.
-[Install Docker][docker] (available in Debian as [docker.io][dpkg]) and build
-the image, this might take a while:
+# Install
+First [install Docker][docker] (available in Debian as [docker.io][dpkg]), then
+give the user you want to run the API as permission to use Docker:
+``` shell
+sudo gpasswd -a $USER docker
+You need to logout and login again for this to take effect.
+Now build the image, this might take a while:
``` shell
docker build -t open_nsfw https://raw.githubusercontent.com/rahiel/open_nsfw--/master/Dockerfile
-Then you can start the API:
+Then you can start the API:
``` shell
docker run -p <port>:8080 open_nsfw