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* update readmeHEADmasterRahiel Kasim2016-02-22-3/+4
* add reportRahiel Kasim2016-02-22-0/+437
* goodbye Fortran!Rahiel Kasim2016-02-21-2/+11
* plot energy driftRahiel Kasim2016-02-21-1/+49
* plot efficiency dataRahiel Kasim2016-02-21-2/+71
* cleanup run_deltat_efficiencyRahiel Kasim2016-02-20-6/+2
* run script to make an n (minor step) against efficiency plot for severalJaroCamphuijsen2016-02-19-0/+40
* switch for energy drift, script for time step vs energy driftRahiel Kasim2016-02-18-14/+52
* Switching function addedJaroCamphuijsen2016-02-18-16/+25
* calculate energy drift from equilibrium due to numeric integrationRahiel Kasim2016-02-18-1/+19
* make multiple time step integrator less badRahiel Kasim2016-02-17-104/+45
* Merge branch 'master' of github.com:sunsistemo/chronogratorJaroCamphuijsen2016-02-16-2/+57
| * plot effect of Verlet radius on CPU time for Leapfrog + Verlet listRahiel Kasim2016-02-16-2/+57
* | Fixed the multi time step verlet list updateJaroCamphuijsen2016-02-16-10/+12
* add cutoff / Verlet input parametersRahiel Kasim2016-02-15-12/+15
* Fixed initial energy reportingJaroCamphuijsen2016-02-15-1/+2
* setting to switch multi time step on/offRahiel Kasim2016-02-15-52/+57
* Improved energy calculationJaroCamphuijsen2016-02-09-1/+4
* try to fix multiple time stepRahiel Kasim2016-02-09-14/+17
* whoopsieRahiel Kasim2016-02-09-0/+70
* fix the multiple time step integratorRahiel Kasim2016-02-09-7/+17
* fix some (compile) errorsRahiel Kasim2016-02-08-15/+17
* Multi timestep second stepRahiel Kasim2016-02-06-14/+40
* Multi timestep first stepJaroCamphuijsen2016-02-06-1/+51
* Fix vlist for three dimensions.JaroCamphuijsen2016-02-05-6/+21
* correct condition to make new Verlet listRahiel Kasim2016-02-05-1/+1
* fix Verlet listRahiel Kasim2016-02-05-10/+12
* fix run scriptRahiel Kasim2016-02-05-2/+2
* add option to run with gdbRahiel Kasim2016-02-05-7/+11
* actually use gfortran compilerRahiel Kasim2016-02-05-0/+1
* explicitly use gfortranRahiel Kasim2016-02-05-1/+1
* try to fix verlet listRahiel Kasim2016-02-05-13/+14
* compile with debug flagRahiel Kasim2016-02-05-3/+3
* Run file now also starts makefile and deletes output fileJaroCamphuijsen2016-01-28-16/+20
* Merge branch 'master' of github.com:sunsistemo/chronogratorJaroCamphuijsen2016-01-27-1/+1
| * GET USED TO FORTRANRahiel Kasim2016-01-27-1/+1
* | Implemented Verlet neighbour list (no compiling errors)JaroCamphuijsen2016-01-27-23/+81
* fix typo'sRahiel Kasim2016-01-26-6/+6
* add .gitignoreRahiel Kasim2016-01-26-0/+3
* import Case Study 4: Static Properties of the Lennard-Jones FluidRahiel Kasim2016-01-26-0/+2020
* delete licenseRahiel Kasim2016-01-25-679/+0
* Almost done! (closes #1)Rahiel Kasim2016-01-18-0/+686