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* add reportHEADsubmissionmasterRahiel Kasim2017-10-20-0/+631
* make a boxplot of the scoresRahiel Kasim2017-10-20-6/+23
* cleanupMartijn van Beest2017-10-19-2/+2
* cleanupMartijn van Beest2017-10-19-9/+10
* cleanupv3.0Martijn van Beest2017-10-19-4/+3
* time dependent mutation. [closes #13]Martijn van Beest2017-10-19-10/+21
* cleanupMartijn van Beest2017-10-19-5/+4
* cleanupMartijn van Beest2017-10-19-5/+4
* pass mutation step size lower bound through parameter, working towards time d...Martijn van Beest2017-10-19-20/+24
* Small refactor with comments referring to bookMartijn van Beest2017-10-17-50/+55
* exploring island model with distinct island settings, no results so far. [clo...Martijn van Beest2017-10-17-10/+30
* euclidean distance function instead of previously naice functionMartijn van Beest2017-10-17-3/+3
* correlated mutations with a faulty import (#7)Rahiel Kasim2017-10-16-7/+28
* cleanupMartijn van Beest2017-10-11-2/+1
* best mutation parameters so farMartijn van Beest2017-10-10-0/+9
* removed evaluated boolean from individual since individuals are not evaluated...Martijn van Beest2017-10-10-25/+33
* fix in fitnesssharing, wasn't properly implementedMartijn van Beest2017-10-10-6/+4
* Merge conflicts fixedMartijn van Beest2017-10-10-19/+66
| * fitnesssharing plus mutation tausMartijn van Beest2017-10-10-11/+55
* | Boolean per function, set options per functions instead of property.Martijn van Beest2017-10-10-22/+37
* | int cast in n_alphaMartijn van Beest2017-10-10-1/+1
* | start on correlated mutations (#7)Rahiel Kasim2017-10-10-3/+35
* Merge branch 'island-model'Martijn van Beest2017-10-10-6/+23
| * different options for islands in island model. Options copy constructor.Martijn van Beest2017-10-10-6/+23
* | evaluate: set default function, fix regexRahiel Kasim2017-10-10-9/+13
* add evaluation script to average over multiple runsRahiel Kasim2017-10-10-0/+55
* bugfix in boolean evaluated, set to false after mutation. Individuals don't s...Martijn van Beest2017-10-10-0/+1
* cleanupMartijn van Beest2017-10-09-7/+7
* Cast population reference to IslandModel for functions that are not implement...Martijn van Beest2017-10-09-11/+1
* Fixed bug in exchangeIndividuals, exchanged individuals are newly instantiate...Martijn van Beest2017-10-09-6/+22
* EAPopulation interface that is implemented by both Population and IslandModel...Martijn van Beest2017-10-09-43/+37
* cleanup and seemingly best settings so far. No exchange between subpopulation...Martijn van Beest2017-10-07-45/+25
* cleanupMartijn van Beest2017-10-07-15/+12
* exchange individuals. index out of bound exception in sampleParentsMartijn van Beest2017-10-07-16/+66
* add functions to select individuals for exchange among populationsMartijn van Beest2017-10-07-2/+52
* island model with subpopulations without communicationMartijn van Beest2017-10-07-51/+116
* Start implementation of Island Model (p95-97). IslandModel.java contains mult...Martijn van Beest2017-10-07-0/+45
* bugfixMartijn van Beest2017-10-07-1/+1
* cleanupMartijn van Beest2017-10-06-67/+6
* refactor and debugging attempts for deterministic crowdingMartijn van Beest2017-10-06-75/+139
* remomed Random object from individual. Only mutate function needs it, so pass...Martijn van Beest2017-10-06-19/+16
* apply deterministic crowding only for 2nd function, doesn't work properly yet.Martijn van Beest2017-10-05-18/+16
* Implemented deterministic crowding. Scores are not as expected, should be che...Martijn van Beest2017-10-02-14/+89
* cleanupMartijn van Beest2017-10-02-8/+9
* switch survivor optionMartijn van Beest2017-10-02-6/+26
* group settings for deterministic crowdingMartijn van Beest2017-10-02-3/+9
* survivor selection enumMartijn van Beest2017-10-02-27/+23
* magic number for 100 generationsMartijn van Beest2017-10-02-1/+1
* ensure default options in constructorMartijn van Beest2017-10-02-6/+17
* small refactoring in Population.javaMartijn van Beest2017-10-02-25/+28